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Dan Merrell, Wine Cellar Co-Manager What really gets me fired up is watching the lights come on in a customer’s eyes when they first “taste” wine, especially at our Tasting Bar or in our Wine 101 classes.  I’m always enthused about wine and love sharing that enthusiasm with others.


Leslie Santa Maria, Wine Cellar Co-Manager I really enjoy sharing the diversity and love of wine with our world-class customers. Our Wine 101 classes and Twilight Tastings have grown due to customer enthusiasm and I love sharing in that enthusiasm. Our customers are the best in the country and offering/selecting different wines for them is exciting and very satisfying.


Jason ‘Doc’ Mangold, Sommelier My love of wine has accelerated while I’ve been here at Macadoodles ®, so much that I’ve earned my Sommelier certification. People ask me, “What are my favorite wines?” Actually, I have more than one: Rhone Valley Reds and MelBec (maybe because it was Hemingway’s favorite wine) are a couple I especially enjoy. Sharing my wine knowledge with our customers is great fun.

Kathy Cox, Wine Expert I love being part of Macadoodles ® Wine Cellar. I also love the opportunity to meet the people from both near and far who come to the area and stop in the store. It makes me smile to hear a customer say, “Hey you helped me before and your input made a difference,” or “I tried something new and really liked it.” That’s why I’m here, to help our great customers find solutions to their needs, whether it’s for a wedding, a brunch, or just pizza night.

Dennis Reinig, Wine Expert Part of the reason I came to work at Macadoodles ® was because of the friendly atmosphere I always experienced when I came through the door. Now, I’ve worked in the Wine Cellar thirteen months and have had the pleasure of carrying that friendly atmosphere on to other customers. It’s a great feeling when someone comes up to me and tells me how much they enjoyed tasting a new taste. Come see us when you can.


Susan Sanders, Wine Expert I love working at Macadoodles ® for so many reason, but the main reason has to be our customers. They’re a great group of people from all walks of life. It’s an honor to help them select wines to pair with their meals or sparkling wines for special occasions or celebrations. I have learned so much since coming to Macadoodles ® and I am excited every day to pass that knowledge on to our customers.