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Wine 101

Welcome to Wine 101, another uniquely Macadoodles ® feature that will warm the heart of every wine lover or even the wine neophyte, who just wants to learn a little more about wine. Wine 101 is a series of seven classes where you learn useful techniques like drinking wine versus tasting wine, tasty food and wine parings, and what do all those terms mean—reserve, estate, cuvee. Classes are held the first Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise notified. You can start the classes at any time. To sign up for Wine 101 stop by the Tasting Counter and talk with one of our Wine Experts.




Session 1            Drinking Wine or Tasting Wine

Session 2            Grapes, Why So Many, What’s Different

Session 3            Recipe + Wine = Success

Session 4            Reserve, Estate Grown, Cuvee….What Does It All Mean

Session 5            Around The World In One Hour

Session 6            Drink Now, Save or Collect

Session 7            Party Time, Your Own Wine Tasting